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Marble Sachanas Company is a Greek supplier of premium quality marble based in northern Greece. The company has been born out of a strong background with more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in global marble business. This legacy has been passed down from father to sons to push the boundaries and strive continuously for excellence. The result of this heritage today, is a company with high quality standards, innovative production and well entrepreneurial structure. We are constantly searching for new exclusive materials responding to design and construction trends in order to exceed customer expectations. Quarries of our own, supply agreements with other quarries, in depth knowledge of natural stone, perfectly processed products along with expertise staff are key factors for our further growth. Today we are investing a total amount of 10 million Euros in our new factory plant including the most advanced Italian machinery, ERP system “MS Customized” and the latest technologies. Our business relies on dedicated employees, distributors and partners who share our aspirations & principles.

Quarry Marble Sachanas


Own quarry “Artic” Large deposits Exclusivities Material tests

Block Marble Sachanas


Strict selection Superior quality Dimension range Storage

Slabs Marble Sachanas


Exceptional process Large volume orders Color diversity Countertops

Tiles Marble Sachanas


Size & quality as specified All finishes Precise cut Dry lay


We own “Artic” quarry with a capacity up to 30.000 tons /year. “Artic” marble is a durable material providing a shiny aesthetic appeal, which makes it ideal for interior and exterior applications. It is classified into three different types “Artic Grey”, “Artic White”and “Selas”. The quarry is easy accessible with privately-owned facilities and staff. It has large deposits of exploitable material which gives us the advantage to supply large- scale projects on time and within the budget. We are also exclusive distributor of “Zebra Grey” marble.

Artic White – Estremoz Marble from Greece
Artic Grey – Ice Grey – Earth from Greece
Selas Marble – Rosso Portogallo from Greece
Zebra Grey

Warehouse 2.500 m2
Capacity 94.500 m2


We work with world class Italian machinery in order to achieve top quality throughout the production phases, and offer our customers perfectly processed products and services. The range of our machinery covers all steps from block sawing to finished products. Accurate slab sawing, uniform thickness, sophisticated technology, multilevel quality control, innovative finishes, along with excellent craftsmanship, ensure exemplary performance, commitment and reliability in terms of volume, deadlines, and end-product specification.

Slab Polishing Line - Pedrini

Tiles Polishing Line - Pedrini

Multi-blade gangsaw - BM

Resin Line - Prometec


Experience our distinguished white, grey, beige & colored Greek and foreign materials that form MS exceptional palette. Our premium quality marbles offer a wide variety of color & pattern to satisfy the most demanding projects and applications. Luxurious marble “Artic” & “Artic Grey” shiny and noble for the most elegant designs. “Selas” with its rich personality. The purest white “Thasos” a symbol of aesthetic over the centuries. “Zebra Grey” with unique flexibility to match with other colors… Get inspired and choose your ideal stone!

Thassos Venato Marble

Thassos Venato

Venetia Green Marble

Venetian Green

Fusion marble


Polaris Marble


Bianco Dolomite Marble

Bianco Dolomite

Vittage Grey Marble

Vintage Grey

Waterfall Marble


Vittage Grey Marble

Damas Breccia

Volakas Marble

Arebescato Greco Gold

Waterfall Marble


Elba Sky Marble

Elba Sky

Elba Sky Marble

Elba White


Residence in Karachi – “Fusion”

Lobby in Kishangarh – “Zebra”

Office in Karachi – “Fusion”

Residence in Karachi – “Fusion”

Facade in Bucharest – “Zebrino”

Palace in Abu Dhabi – “Fusion”

Residence in Delhi – “Zebra “

Residence in Delhi – “Zebra”


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