Vratza Marble

“Be wild but stay soft”

Subtly charming, Vratza marble is a statement of purity and neutrality adjusted by Mother Nature to accentuate your interior decoration items with finesse.
Vratza marble features great aesthetic uniformity, both in color and in pattern along with its physical characteristics. It is a stone sedate in its warm cream colors, varying between light ivory and natural beige tones.
The stone has absolutely safe physical and stress resistance parameters both indoors and outdoors even in environmental conditions considered harsh for calcareous materials; in fact, it is remarkably durable through time and indubitably immune to rain and frost.
This highly prized color combination will perfectly match any architectural inspiration within different applications: flooring, walls cladding, countertops, backsplashes, etc. for a wider space feeling and an atmosphere full of serenity.
While its natural design is certainly stunning, interior designers can take advantage as well of its translucent quality to create sensational illuminated surfaces which can be easily observed by natural light or artificial lighting.

Petrographic description: 91, 5 % Cc, 8,5 % quartz
Bulk density 2200 – 2300 Kg/m3
Open Porosity 16 – 17 %
Water Absorption 4,5 %
Flexural Strength 14 – 20 MPa
Compressive Strength 120 – 140 MPa
Abrasion resistance 15000 – 20000 mm3