Thassos Marble from Greece

THASSOS MARBLE – “natural brightness”

Thassos Marble

Thassos white marble is one of the most famous marble in the world for its superb quality, its crystal pure white color, its durability and its natural brightness.

The name of this white marble derives from the Greek island of Thassos located in the northern Aegean Sea, where it has been extracted since antiquity. It has been used to plenty of ancient monuments for it lasted so long, remained so beautiful and shaped so easily.



Thassos marble is a medium grained dolomitic stone and consists of roundish calcite crystals in various sizes which naturally reflect the light.

Thassos Extra – Pure snow white

Thassos A1 – Pure snow white with translucent crystals

Thassos A2 – Pure snow white, with few crystals and spots

Thassos A3 – Snow white background, perhaps with few pinholes and crystals

Thassos A4 – Snow white background, with crystals, veins running along the slab surface and some spots

Thassos Commercial – Snow white background, with crystals, veins spots and pinholes



Thassos marble slabs & tiles can be finished into honed, polished or brushed, aged sandblasted, bush hammered.



Thassos marble is suitable for both indoor and exterior appliances and is also used in eco- buildings because it provides natural protection from high temperatures.

It is preferable due to its overall aesthetic appearance for interior applications, because in the exterior use in the course of the time, it may yellow, darken or stain, due to the sun, humidity, moisture, dust, pollution, etc. Surface treatments are always recommended to reduce these effects. Also Thassos marble purity, quality and beauty will be more appreciated in interior spaces where other facts such as light & decoration can further enhance its outlook.



MS has acquired exclusivity on selected Thassos marble quarries in order to ensure the best quality for its clients. Thassos marble remains one of the most premium priced materials in the international market.

The company provides further information, advice & support for Thassos marble applications and maintance.