Fusion Marble


Fusion Marble

“Show your true colours”

Fusion Marble presents a thick, unstructured veining pattern which can range from light sepia brown all the way to subtle hints of taupe grey lines on a soothing crisp white background. This color pattern elevates the luxurious effect of driftwood of your home according to the slab. It also presents a soft, cloudy effect with subtle gray flecks and cotton-tuft white highlights which effortlessly provide a dramatic atmosphere. With proper lighting, the predominant white background of Fusion can be further heightened.

Frequently geared for kitchen countertops and backsplashes, Fusion marble, can be portrayed as the drawing together of diverse culinary elements into a single sublime dish. It is also utilized is popular for entry ways in corporate offices.

Fusion lends itself well to book-matched applications for which more uniform marbles are not as well-suited; the more sparse and pronounced the veining pattern, the more lucrative it becomes!

Petrographic description: 93% Do, 6% Cc, 1 % Kf
Bulk density 2830 Kg/m3
Open Porosity 0,4%
Water Absorption 0,2%
Flexural Strength 11 MPa
Compressive Strength 114 MPa
Abrasion resistance 3,45 mm