Venetian Green


Venetian Green Marble

Erstwhile, green colour was formulated and used by the noted 18th century Victorian Age. The composition of sharp brushed detailed strokes going in a linear or cloudy motion blend together to form a seamless vintage aura that evokes that era. From pale peacock jewel-toned greens, with seascape swirls to intense verdant green pigments, this piece can be placed horizontally or vertically offering a contemporary abstract design. Incorporating this gem of nature into your dwelling will attain unsurpassed whispers of opulence from kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities and more.

Petrographic description: 60% Serpentine & Chlorite 35 % Cc, 5 % Magnetite & Fe sulfides
Bulk density 2953,4 Kg/m3
Open Porosity 0,7 %
Water Absorption 0,25 %
Flexural Strength 5,21 MPa
Compressive Strength 116,08 MPa
Abrasion resistance 17,1 mm