Arabescato Greco Gold

Arabescato Greco Gold

Arabescato Marble Sachanas

“Haute Stuff”

An inevitable and a superb opus of Mother Nature is the Arabescato Greco Gold with an upscale aesthetic which speaks for itself and adds allure to our natural marble collection. A stone that takes us back to the Renaissance period holds its nobility and timelessness.
Quite impressive in its combination, of soft crystalline parallel whites called arabesques and golds along with fine dusty grey veining that swirl together throughout a gleaming white slab surface, Arabesco Greco Gold enriches any décor.

This marble has strong metaphysical qualities that involve the power of serenity by aiding in mental clarity in addition to evoking feelings of new beginnings and renewal.
Multiple applications for construction and decorative purposes from premium quality flooring to ventilated accent walls, from internal coatings, to use in public premises. Remarkably, this marble gives an antiqued finish appearance to a floor in a historical building that has been aged and worn over time.

Petrographic description: 92 % Cc, 8% quartz
Bulk density 2787,3 Kg/m3
Open Porosity 1,2%
Water Absorption 0,43%
Flexural Strength 1,12 N/mm2
Compressive Strength 102,8 N/mm2
Abrasion resistance 23,8 mm